Tessies PLUS SIZE collection Launch!

FINALLY. YES. A shop in the wonderful city of Hull has acknowledged the cry out for plus size clothing. Tessies in Hull has launched it’s Plus Size Collection.

Tessies, Violet Glenton

The cutest little shop!

Today (the 14th October) Tessies, 75 Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2AL has launched it’s plus size fabulous collection. I browsed the shop with a friend and was pleased to see a variety of outfits from daisy midi skirts, to mustard yellow long sleeved lacy tops. Although my bank account is a little empty at the moment I managed to squeeze a few purchases of jewellery into my shopping bag.

Tessies, Violet Glenton

The clothing ranged from size 16-26 and their appeared to be a lot of stock in these sizes. One of my favourite items was the gorgeous red velvet dress that I could imagine sipping cocktails in at Christmas time. I have to admit, one thing I always struggle with being a taller fuller figured girl is the length of a dress. The is of course one of the topics discussed regularly on plus size blogs, but do not fear. Tessies has you covered, these dresses and skirts passed the Violet test of hitting my knee or lower. Most outfits were priced between £10-£35 which is a complete bargain for the quality of them. One other thing that may seem so small to others is that the rings were perfect for those with bigger fingers. There were small rings that fit my little pinky, and large ones for my thumb! I LOVE it when I can get rings that actually fit.

Tessies, Violet Glenton

The dress of Christmas dreams.

If the beautiful clothing wasn’t enough, Tessies were giving out popcorn and cocktails to each person who walked through the door. That’s my kind of party. Oh and did I mention that they also handed out FREE goody bags to those in attendance?

Tessies, Violet Glenton

I will be back to spend more when the money comes rollin’ in!

Visit http://tessies.myshopify.com/ to have a cheeky look online. Or check them out on twitter @Tessies_ for updates.

Thank you to you fabulous ladies for acknowledging us curvy gals, also thank you to the cute dog that waved me out the door! Couldn’t resist putting a photo of him in!

Tessies, Violet Glenton

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