The Printed Trousers Trend – Why I love them

I’ve been swooning over some Elvi clothing recently, and more than one item has taken my fancy. In particular I’ve grown an odd infatuation with Printed trousers. These were extremely popular summer time last year and carried out through to Winter (yippee! lots of patterns). They’ve even made it through to this Summer, which is AMAZING as we can’t be forced to wear black leggings everyday can we?

Printed Trousers, Violet Glenton

I recently wore this outfit to work and it got me inspired to look out for some more printed trousers. (Ignore the fact my label is sticking out of my top- oh the shame!)

I think the majority of my outfit it New Look here, purely because I find it affordable, comfortable clothing. These trousers were I think about £22 and the top £12, both cool for the Summer and easy to acessorise should you wish. Smart enough for my work, but also stylish enough to allow a few cheeky patterns into my office wardrobe.

I’ve put together a Summery moodboard for those wanting to recreate a similar look:

Printed Trousers, Violet Glenton

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the booootifulness of those Elvi trousers, taken it in? Ahhh. I am so in love with these Tribal style trousers, the colours are muted browns/coppers which I LOVE and could easily be paired with a white/black top (even grey if you fancy going a little wild- oh the sarcasm). I will be putting these on my purchase list for pay day and hopefully able to show you all them on my blog. I’d pair them with this similar to the picture New Look Bardot off the shoulder top if you’re going for the summery vibe, if it’s chillier you could easily add a long sleeved black top or jumper  (I mean you can’t take away from these trousers and that print!).

For shoes, I am a huge lover of Birkenstocks, purely cause they fit my fat feet in them (PRAISE THE WIDE FIT SHOE) and they have survived through years of walking and my dog Oscar chewing them. They just seem to be a lasting shoe, even if a little pricier at first.

Finally, as we’re getting closer to that sunny weather, and when I get my contact lenses back in (hurry up opticians) I can wander around in that pair of bargain cat eye nude glasses from ASOS. I’m pretty sure they will go with any outfit, so that makes it justified right?

What do you think to the printed trouser trend? Will you be buying, or do you prefer a plainer pant?

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Violet xxx

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