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I have been dreaming about more than one item from Elvi clothing, but was so happy to see that (until there are a few more pennies in the bank) they have some adorable items in the outlet section of their website. The outlet section on their website features a whole range of clothing and is the perfect place to pick up a bargain. For me, one item in particular caught my fancy at the price of 14 English pounds.

outlet, Violet Glenton, ELVI
This green oversized top (originally £35) is perfect to add to my workwear wardrobe as well as going out (I could team it up with a pair of black leggings). I’ve paired it here with some next black trousers and new look loafers.

One of my favourite things about this top is just how me it is. Loose fitting, silky and cool. I’ll only add one note though, please control your excitement (unlike I did) and read the label before ironing, I unfortunately burnt a little of the front of the top as I was too eager to put it on- damn you Elvi and your beautiful items making my mind lose sensible thought.

outlet, Violet Glenton, ELVIAfter the burn, still looking pretty happy though…

The top is a size 16, as as oversized it’s difficult to comment on its sizing. However I would say this is how I would like a top that states it is oversized and it therefore suits me fine.

outlet, Violet Glenton, ELVI

The back is beautiful with a statement zip on display and the length is ideal for tall folks like myself. No Shrinking Violet 

Bravo Elvi, you did it again. No Shrinking Violet 

Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 

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