Monochrome Maxi and a moan

Thanks for coming to check out this post! A friend of mine had her birthday meal out on Saturday night and immediately I was excited with choosing an outfit. I went to Outfit (because where else was I to go?) and looked across Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Miss Selfridges etc. I have to be honest, I was totally disappointed. Let me have a moan. I have never felt so uncatered for as a larger lady. I mean Topshop is bad enough, but LOOK at the ONLY items they had in a size 16…

Moan, Violet Glenton

So this is our option ladies? Our only option. A pleated floral skirt (which wasn’t too bad) but the only thing I could find to pair that would fit was this bright ORANGE raincoat. Suitable for the lovely bit of sun we’ve been having. You can see from my face (and stressed hair) I was not amused.

Suprisingly enough, a shop I usually avoid, Wallis, had a gorgeous maxi dress in the sale in size 18. Yes a little on a bigger side for me but I liked the way it fell so got it anyway. Oh may I add, it was lovely and long- yippee!

Moan, Violet Glenton

Thank you WALLIS for catering to those with curves. It is SO appreciated. I paired it with white wedges (originally from New Look) and liked the way I felt in the dress. No Shrinking Violet 

Moan, Violet Glenton

I suppose this blog post was more of a moan at the lack of options at the moment, come on ladies, I need your tips. Where can I go to get some colourful EXCITING clothing? Tell me all of your secrets. Not just plain stuff (which I do love) but some lovely dresses and skirts? I need more options for holidays coming up, or I’ll be going to buy that orange rain coat for Italy.

Did you read my latest post?

Violet xx

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