Striking Swimwear on my honeymoon

Hello all! I’ve returned from a lovely wedding and honeymoon and I’m back with some very exciting blog posts coming up! But firstly I wanted to talk about one piece of clothing that has bothered me since the age of 12! SWIMWEAR! In the past, I have felt so uncomfortable and self-conscious in swimwear due to MA BELLY and big thighs. But this year, after a reassessment and realising curves actually KICK ASS I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear whatever I wanted and embrace every bump/unfortunate sweat roll that happens  in 30+ degrees heat. No Shrinking Violet 

I’d hunted a few places for swimwear- I’m a bit of an odd shape- I want to say pear shape (If going by Navabi’s helpful guides) and I don’t really know what to do when we’re stripping down to almost nude in front of all the folks around the pool with some of the smaller girls in skimpier bikinis that wouldn’t fit around my ankle.

However, this time.. I’D DONE IT! Or Asda had, yes ASDA!

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

I found this cool geometric print one piece hunting around cheeky George at ASDA and I was in love. Not only was the pattern beautiful colours but the back!!! I was happy to see some interesting designs that could be worn by us curvier ladies accentuating our bums and legs whilst showing off the back.

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

I was that obsessed with the back of this swim piece I didn’t take any photos of the front. Well maybe just one…

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

But it’s not the best sorry! I’ve been hunting for other pieces similar to this and came across ONE in the simply be sale  that has a similar pattern. But i’ve found it pretty hard to find one with cut outs like this, ASOS have something similar which is a two piece but if price is a major contender for you then I’d recommend getting yourself to your local ASDA and having a rummage. Did I mention this was only £14?

Another post on a swimwear will be up soon!

Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 

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