Occasion Wear with Yours Clothing*

We all love an occasion to get glammed up, don our best clothing and feel just bladdy good. With Summer being the start of wedding season, black tie dinners in the business world and an excuse to add some glamour to your holiday wardrobe do we need another excuse to add more to our hangers?

So ladies, get your best lippy out, your hair teased to perfection and that cinderella gown that you’ve been dying to showcase to the world.

Occasion, Violet Glenton, OOTD, Yours Clothing

Dress: Yours Clothing*
Hair: by Shazza (aka my mum)

When Yours Clothing asked me and the Be the Blogger team to pick out a range of different style dresses to showcase the fab occasion wear they have on offer I knew I wanted a maxi dress. As mentioned previously on my blog there is something I absolutely love about a good maxi. For me, they are perfect for classy occasions as well as the beach. Whilst I’ve been pregnant I’ve been halting purchases but this dress is one I can keep before/during and after pregnancy. The dress flows but has a delightful overlay on top showing a bit of shape (come on, we don’t want to wear potato sacks do we?)

On another note, not only is the fit wonderful… but it’s tall girl friendly! I’m wearing quite high heels here making me about 6 ft 2 and my ankles are not embarrassingly on display.

Occasion, Violet Glenton, OOTD, Yours Clothing

Occasion, Violet Glenton, OOTD, Yours Clothing

For less than £60 this Chiffon dress has a stunning sequin embroidered pattern that details the top of this dress giving it a little summit summit rather than being another classic black dress.

Occasion, Violet Glenton, OOTD, Yours Clothing

What pieces have you picked up for those extra special occasions yet? I have a beautiful summery gown I’m looking forward to wearing for a wedding at the beginning of this month.
Keep an eye out for the other ‘Be the Blogger’ teams dresses- I know I’m excited to see what they picked and how they styled them!
Occasion, Violet Glenton, OOTD, Yours Clothing
Violet x

*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing and this item was gifted to me for purposes of review.


  1. June 10, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    Oh gosh, you look utterly delightful! Like a golden age screen siren … stunning!

    C x

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