Hollywood Glamour – An Occasion to Dress Up

After posting an extremely glamorous occasion wear piece a few weeks ago, I held off editing and writing up on the second glamour filled outfit I’d enjoyed so much.

Well I don’t want you to get bored now do I? 

Any-a-do without further-a-do this beautiful AX Paris Curve dress accompanied me to a special business dinner and it all felt extremely GLAM. As you may be aware, British Summers can be a little…er… unpredictable. Whilst these images appear like a wonderful Summers day (which indeed it was), the week can change to doom and gloom skies in 10 minutes. I wanted a dress to wear for special occasions that could take on this change.

Glamour, Violet Glenton, Black Tie, Gown

Dress: AX Paris Curve 

Whilst the fabric of the dress is chiffon and light and breezy the long sleeves allowed for a little protection against the colder winds. The floral lace design along the sleeves really just added that extra touch nodding to the hollywood glamour icons of the past.
Glamour, Violet Glenton, Black Tie, Gown
My only quibble with the dress was the elasticated back which I felt took away from the overall quality feel of the dress. It just felt a little of a cop out compared to the beautiful design on the front of the dress. I’d have LOVED to see that all the way round.
That being said, it did make it extremely comfortable and roomy allowing flexibility as each course of the dinner went on. I suppose you have to make exceptions!
Glamour, Violet Glenton, Black Tie, Gown
At £75 it isn’t the most I’ve spent on an evening dress and I will still be wearing it to many occasion. I think this will look particularly beautiful in the Winter season against the crisp white snow with a dramatic red lip.
We all love a little Glamour in our life so I wonder, have you spotted any beautiful gowns recently? I’d love to know!
Violet x

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