Blossoming in Blue – Holiday Wardrobe

I am back! Back from my jolly holidays to Italy and with a gift to you all of a few blog posts. The first being this stunning dress from the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing. This is part of my holiday wardrobe. You can see my post featuring my Pregnant Bridesmaid look here.

Holiday Wardrobe, Violet Glenton, Yours Clothing, Blue

I would however, like to write something a little different this time, a little more personal. I could write and tell you the dress is a great fit, looks beautiful and is of good quality material (which are all true points) but this dress made me feel much happier. (Let me explain…)

I’ve had my highs and lows throughout my pregnancy so far. From feeling like my new best friend was the bottom of my bathroom floor to scoffing hula hoops like they were going to get discontinued, it’s been an interesting ride. I’m eternally grateful for the blessing of carrying a child and really do understand how lucky I am so I’d never want anyone to think I’m complaining but boy can it be hard work. Half the time my husband’s dragged me out of my sofa pit and told me ‘everything is ok’. He’s been a saint if I’m honest. I’ve been the opposite. I haven’t felt quite myself. Not depressed, but not my usual self. I put it down to the testosterone with having a boy but I’d become snappy, unapologetic and uncomfortable with my own body. The last point of which if you’ve read my blog since the beginning is problematic for me. I’ve worked hard mentally to adjust my perception of my body- tell me that it is beautiful and normal to some extent. So recently, having a low with this has been rather a nuisance.

Holiday Wardrobe, Violet Glenton, Yours Clothing, Blue

However, I looked over these photos and felt happy. Happy to see my ‘glow’, happy to feel a bit more ‘me’ again. I have some posts coming up of a swimwear outfit and that in particular will be a sensitive one for me. I initially looked over the pictures and thought ‘nah, delete them’ but why? Why was I slightly off with my look? My bump, my thighs and my body in general do wonderful things every day and I am an idiot for not respecting this.

I vow to be kinder to my body and if you find me second guessing myself link me back to this post.

A huge shout out to all the amazing bloggers I follow who day in and day out remind me we are all beautiful creatures and deserve to be loved. You all mean more to me than you know.

What’s a favourite for your Holiday Wardrobe?

Violet x

*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing and the items included were gifted to me for purposes of review.

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