Curve Fashion Festival Round Up with Yours Clothing

As y’all may know, or have guessed from my many number of social posts on the matter… it was the Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool on Saturday and I had a jolly good time. This year I was totally humbled to be reppin’ the Yours Clothing team with my fellow #YoursDreamTeam.

So firstly, on Friday I attended the Press event for the opening of Curve Fashion Festival. All the Yours team hit the event together and as usual I formed another date like scenario with Charl (love ya). I unfortunately became a bit of a liability as every time I saw a blogger I admired I started beaming and saying the classic phrase “you don’t know who I am but I’m Violet and you’re amazing”. Thank you to the really really kind, sweet, girls who all just chuckled along with me and let me fan girl them a bit. Hayley, Chloe and Hollie get special mention. Not only did I finally get to hug Chloe (who gave me lots of belly strokes) but chatting along with these ladies really made my evening.

Curve Fashion Festival, Violet Glenton, Yours Clothing, OOTD

Shirt Dress: Yours Clothing
Duster Jacket: Yours Clothing
Boots: Yours Clothing

Yours kindly gave me my outfit for the evening and so many were surprised to find it was all Yours Clothing. The boots in particular were a big hit and I’m so glad I picked them up.

After smoozing the ladies (and gentlemen) and- yes you all looked beautiful we headed back to the hotel to catch up with some other blogging babes AHEM Jess! Then I eventually hit the hay because being pregnant and all I could only take so much flirting with the very beautiful Italian Waiter that Charl had enticed.

For the main event Saturday I awoke bright and early for a cheeky brekki before getting ready. As I shoved the toast into my mouth to regain some sort of consciousness (I’m rather drowsy in a morning) the excitement kicked in for the days event!

Curve Fashion Festival, Violet Glenton, Yours Clothing, OOTD

Shirt: Yours Clothing
Maternity Jeans: Yours Clothing
Boots: as above!

The ladies are also wearing some beautiful items from YC and I’m sure will be posting blogs up on their socials which you can find here and here. I don’t seem to have any of Laura  but there were definitely some lovely images of her on the YC instagram page on the day!

All in all the day was crazy (in the best way!) I caught up with old friends, finally put a face to new ones. Got to hug Chloe, Lottie, Bert, Charli  and so many others who have been inspirations to me since I got into the blogging game. I finally got to chat to Georgina who spent 5 minutes in shock of how tall I am. You’re all just aaaaah amazing.

Curve Fashion Festival, Violet Glenton, Yours Clothing, OOTD

The final little surprise for me was my friend Alex travelling up to say hello and meeting Megan (bodiposipanda). Beautiful human beings!

How did you find the Curve Fashion Festival? Did you get to meet anyone who inspires you?

Violet x


*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing and the items included were gifted to me for purposes of review.


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  1. September 15, 2017 / 12:55 pm

    We didn’t get a picture together! Which means we need to meet again soon!

    C x

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