3 Month Jasper Update: A new mum

I mentioned before that I was hoping to introduce Jasper into my blogs more. A little insight if you like to my experience with him. Whilst I’m no pro at parenthood, I feel like I’m pretty ok at this mum malarkey. Here is my 3 month Jasper Update. I have few moments of doubt and as each weeks pass I feel I’m being rewarded with little looks/smiles or even gurgles. I’ve found one of the biggest things for me is trusting my own instinct. Fellow Blogger and Mum Alice recently wrote up why she’s given her son Soy Milk at 3 months old against the advice (if it can be called that) of her GP. I related to this post a lot on the basis of sometimes you go with your gut.

3 month Jasper Update, Violet Glenton, Parent Blogger

I remember each midwife that visited me in the first few weeks telling me to dress Jasper in 2 layers to sleep, but he’d sweat through his clothes each time. In the end I went with my gut that me and Joe tend to run hot, stripped him to one layer and he’s slept much better and without sweating each evening now.

In the last few weeks Jasper has had his first sleepover at my parents, began gurgling remnants of words, had his 2nd lot of injections and smiled more than ever before.

I’ve began to come more and more comfortable and happy with our weekly routine whilst introducing more into it. We go swimming every week, and Baby Sensory Play. He also joins me at Crochet group where many ladies coo over him. It gives me a little break as usually I don’t get chance to sit him down before someones picked him up. I’m starting to really enjoy these little moments together. When I first took him swimming he blubbered and pulled some pretty unhappy faces. Now he beams as soon as he has his little dinosaur wetsuit on. It’s amazing to see how much he’s coming on week by week.

3 month Jasper Update, Violet Glenton, Parent Blogger

I’m overwhelmed with the love I feel for this little munchkin and cannot wait to see what the next few months bring!

Violet x

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  1. February 26, 2018 / 5:36 pm

    Omg you guys in your matching bobble hats, I can’t take it it’s so cute! xx

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