Toying with Teething, Ways to Ease the Pain

I mentioned I’d like to introduce more baby posts into my blog. So here’s another. Any mother will know (or they’ll learn quickly) that teething is a bitch. Yep I’m sorry for using that language but it’s incredibly true. Your poor little ones bite their hands, whine and drool until they’ve given in and fallen asleep. I’ve tried different teething gels and even resorted to the godly substance that is calpol to reduce Jasper’s suffering. As I type this he’s having a little whimper and covering his scratch mittens in drool (which is also on every item of clothing I own)

Here are some of the things I’ve tried to counter act it:


Literally, the first thing everyone suggests. I’ve even been using it myself on my wisdoms with little success. I put a little on Jasper and he just begins spitting aggressively at me. Not surprised, it does taste like plasticine.

Teething Mitten

I figured with him spending 90% of his time chewing his hand maybe a mitten would help. It has a lovely rubbery end to it and that noisy material that makes you think it would entertain him. Honestly, this was a waste of £7 for me. He lasts about 30 seconds with it on and has no inclination to put it anywhere near his mouth.

Teething Bibs

Mildly successful. They keep the drool off his clothing and he does seem to like to chew the rubber end. Only problem is at the minute I have to keep putting it back near his mouth as he’s not fully able to function his hands yet.


Suggested to me by my mother-in-law. Although really recommended from 6 months of age. They smell like bread but are hard like wood. What I like is that they’re 100% natural so I haven’t worried too much about him giving them a little chew a few months early (completely supervised of course). He does seem to go quiet as he aggressively bites down on them so they’re worth a shot if you’re running out of options.

Violet x

*This post includes items that were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.

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