My Short Love letter to Rome, Thank You Roma

For anyone who knows me, they will know for me my heart is in Rome. I simply cannot get enough of this place. It’s true what they say ‘Roma non basta una vita’ … a lifetime really is not enough. I love to make an effort to dress up in Rome as I’ve expressed before. There’s something about the atmosphere there. The columns of the colosseum sing the years of history, torment and wonder that the city has seen.

I fell in love with Rome at the age of 12. I remember the smells that enticed me as I walked around Piazza Navona with my family. Not only was there ice cream, but pizza everywhere. What more could a 12 year old want? I returned again and again and found the same familiar feeling of happiness overtook me as I discovered new parts of the city. I’m pretty sure it was a clause in our martial contract that my husband understand my need to visit Rome every few year at least or I’d go a little loopy. I can’t wait to take Jasper there and show him my favourite place.

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Thank you for your History:

I suppose with a place as big as Rome, it’s difficult to know where to begin- so how about the History? Not only is this a place full of military history and politics with Julius Caesar, but also the epicentre of religion with the home of the papacy. If you like either of these things then I recommend you visit the ancient ruins of the Roman Senate and for you pope lovers- the Vatican. Thank you Rome, for being so deeply rooted in History and Religion. It’s one of the reasons I adore you.

Thank you for your Food: 

Gelato, Pizza, Pasta… need I say more? ALL DELICIOUS goodness and usually the freshness, most tasty dishes you could sample are served here. I’m rarely left disappointed.

Thank you for your Culture:

I love a place that has a wonderful vibe. Rome is one of those places. Italians are just darn right lovely. Italians in general place a lot of focus on their family and value this. Rome is no different and you’ll find mamas and bambinos together.

Rome is a place like no other. With a place so deeply routed in Historical events, you feel like you’re apart of something really special. Every piazza seems to have a different feel to it. I also appreciate that you’re never too far from a Bernini piece.

Have you ever been to Rome? What did you think?

Violet x

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