How to get Motivated when you have no Motivation

Recently I’ve been struggling with a little motivation. I’m not sure what it is. After the whole rebrand I had about 4 posts scheduled and ready to post. Then the dreaded writers block hit me. I felt a little lost, a little confused and unsure what to type as my fingers linger on the keyboard. Here’s some tips that have been helping me slowly get motivated and back into the swing of things.

motivated, Violet Glenton

Earrings from Tessies*

Take it easy, don’t force it

The worst thing for me is if I force work. I’ve found my poorest posts (in my opinion) to be the ones written under stress. If you’re not feeling it, take time. A break is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Get a Blogging Possy 

I’ve felt hugely inspired by other bloggers in my community. Not only do I consistently look at what others are doing on instagram but I’ve started to engage with those in my home town. This is hugely helping me get motivated. The networking, support and encouragement given from these guys is amazing. Get yourself a gang of go-getters, who will photograph you, meet to discuss ideas and just chat. Hey, it’s great to make new friends.

Motivated, Violet Glenton

Earrings from Tessies*


Set Goals 

Small achievable goals help me in my daily life. If I struggle with writers block I’ll set myself a task of writing one post by the end of the week. Or if inspiration hasn’t hit, I’ll pull together and outfit and set a goal to photograph it properly by the end of the week. Voila, content.

Read other Blogs 

Educate yourself. Read other blogs. Sometimes you may read a post and consider how you’d approach that particular topic, or a different account of a situation. It’s brilliant to read other people’s work and think how you’d cover it. Credit them if you got the idea from them though!

Look at Your Own Previous Work

I find one way to motivate myself is to look over all the work I’ve done in the past. I find it hugely encouraging to see what I’ve accomplished in the past and consider how I’d do things differently or if at all.


What helps you get motivated?

Violet x

*Items included were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.

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