Jasper’s 6 month update : Half a Year in

Jasper is 6 months old. Half a year. Can you believe it? I seem to have blinked and I suddenly have this alert, aware and happy baby smiling back at me. It’s been 3 months since my last update and things seem to have moved on a lot since then. From a personal note, I am absolutely loving it. I didn’t realise I would feel like this, how conscious and aware I would become of this little guy. I find myself wondering what he’s thinking if he’s not with me, and trying constantly to make him giggle because that laugh gets me.

He’s now eating

We started weaning Jasper a little earlier than the NHS guidelines dictated. They say to get to 6 months but that just wasn’t happening with us, please reserve your comments on this. I did what I felt was right for my son and he’s been a heck of a lot happier and content with his meals compared to his milk. Watching him taste and try different flavours is hilarious and trying. He loves most things, to be honest, I haven’t found something he doesn’t like yet. Favourites include egg custard and anything with apple in. He is partial to a mashed up strawberry.  6 month, Violet Glenton

We held a blessing ceremony

I wanted a non traditional ceremony to bless Jasper and luckily I live in just the right place for this service. A church local to me provided us with a beautiful 15 minute ceremony, lighting candles, stating what Jasper has given us and anointing him with the oil. If you’re not strictly religious but would like a ceremony for your child, then I recommend discussing options with your local churches.

6 month, Violet Glenton

Jasper has a HUGE sense of humour

I’d love to say this came from me, but I have to congratulate my husband on this one. He laughs at so many things, and it’s easy to get him to beam a big smile at you. He’s happiest when bouncing around in his jumperoo, or going for a walk giggling at people walk by.

His vocal chords are DEVELOPING

I mean it, we get some rather peculiar squarks. It’s more hilarious mid-walk when passers by wonder whats going on, but all good fun. He loves to squeal and chuckle.

He sleeps through the night

PRAISE BE. We can get some good sleep now that Jasper sleeps from about 8:30/9pm to 7/8 am. He also seems much happier in a morning now, more rested. Nothing beats that morning smile he gives me and I hope it’s something he continues to do.


Violet x


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