Ways to Blogger Network, Made Less Painful

Did any of you read my pal’s post on how making friends when you’re older is just a whole lot more confusing? I find making blogger friends even more of a difficult task. One, because when it’s blogging you feel like you’re already friends with these people from reading their blogs. Secondly where does the whole networking/friendship line get defined? Spoiler alert, it doesn’t. If you’re looking for some ways to make blogger pals AND network a little less uncomfortable then here are some tips.

Network, Violet Glenton

Find a Local Group/Community

First things first, where to meet other bloggers. The web can be a little daunting and obviously ALWAYS be conscious of your safety. Look for open groups, blogger communities that hold events in a public place so that you can get to know other bloggers in a safe environment. My first experience of this was a Hull Bloggers event at a cafe. I made a tonne of new friends and found an equal amount of new bloggers to follow.

Introduce Yourself

Now what?

Hey! Introduce Yourself! (Bring it on anyone?) I’ve made tonnes of friends through a simple introduction. Every relationship starts this way so it’s important to get that bit over and done with. Confident? Then make a good impression! Nervous? Start with a hello. We’re all human.

Look for common ground

Find a topic you’re both interested in and go for it. It makes for easy conversation. If you liked a particular post of theirs then why not discuss it? Everyone loves a lil bit of flattery and a compliment goes a long way.

Exchange details

This isn’t awkward. Exchange blogs, social handles or emails to keep in touch with the guys/gals you got along with. Networking 101 is to get the deets.


Attend more events. Return to events that you’ve been to before. You’ll soon be able to network around the whole floor.

Violet x

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  1. Amy
    July 3, 2018 / 12:36 pm

    Thanks for the shout out you babe! xx

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