Dear Sophie, Ode to Sophie the Giraffe

Teething. Every child endures it. Every mother or father has mopped up the constant dribble that coats every item of clothing in a glimmering shine. Whilst we own more bibs than my washing machine can muster, we need more. If only there were a toy to assist with these pesky ‘teggies’… Enter Sophie.

Sophie, Teething, Violet Glenton

Dear Sophie,

Thank you for helping Jasper grow his teeth. You have all the right assets in ALL the right places to assist with this difficult task. I will forever be grateful for pointy ears, chubby cheeks and cute ossicones.

I’d like to thank you for allowing Jasper to cover you in dribble, not once have you ever complained. Sure, you’ve let out a bit of a squeak when he’s held you a little too tightly, but complain? Never.

Thank you for being extremely flexible with those limbs of yours. Those pins (almost as athletic as that of a ballerinas) have let him soothe those sore gums at the back of his mouth and you hit all the right spots. En pointe.

Sophie, Violet Glenton, Teething

Sophie, Violet Glenton, Teething

Sophie, let’s address the elephant in the room. Regarding last week, I should probably apologise for boiling you in what can only be described as a very VERY hot bath after we dropped you on the street. Jasper and I both missed you those 20 minutes of your spa treatment but hope that the dishes kept you company.

Thank you for being super portable. You’ve travelled the country in pockets, bags, my pram and my sons grasp. Don’t worry, we’ve got your ticket for our Summer holiday to Canada. We can sort your VISA later.

Sophie, Violet Glenton, Teething

Sophie, Violet Glenton, Teething

Thank you for responding to any event with a delightful reassuring smile. When times are hard, or it’s 3am in the morning, you’re always there for us.

Yours Sincerely,

Violet (Jasper’s Mum)

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Violet x

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