My Top Tricks for gaining confidence in front of the Camera

LOOSEY GOOSEY BABY, LOOSEY GOOSEY. Right pals, I very frequently get asked ‘How are you so comfortable in front of the camera?’ and thought I’d save a lot of time by posting a cheeky ole blog on the matter. The truth is, IT TAKES TIME. But here are my top tricks for gaining confidence in front of the camera.

Forget about other people

I always suggest to people that they forget about who’s walking past or staring. Yes it’s easier said then done but let’s be honest, you’ll probably never see them again. If you do, then you better WERK.

Confidence, Violet Glenton

 Photography by Olivia Lennon

Work with a Photographer

I’ve posted about this before, but working with Olivia massively improved my confidence levels in front of the lens. There’s something very reassuring about knowing you’re in safe hands and you’ll find after a few frames you begin to try new things as they reassure and focus you.

Look for the Light

Natural light really is a blessing. If you can find and focus where that light is you can quickly get some beautiful shots then will leave you wanting more.

Photography by Olivia Lennon


Work with as many Bloggers as you can

I regularly meet up with my blogger pals to photograph. I get tips and tricks off them and try help them relax as well. There’s a lot to be said for practising with those that are also trying to improve. It makes the whole thing a lot less daunting.

Have your planned poses, and move between

Sometimes your best shots will be the transitions between poses. Try and make your movements more fluid and alter small parts of your body to change the image. When you realise that small movements can have a big impact you’ll be grinning ear to ear at the results. It’ll give you a stride in your step and more confidence for your next snap.

Practise makes perfect

Try some self portraits in your own house, do you like the way you look? Practice framing yourself and creating poses in front of the mirror. You’ll quickly realise what looks good and what looks a little off. No one but you will see these so be as silly and creative as you like!


Photography by Olivia Lennon



Find Something to Distract You

Fiddle with a tie, a belt or a pocket but make it look purposeful. Try and focus on other things than the camera. Once you’re distracted you become more natural. More natural often equates to better shots. Better shots = Happy, confident you.

Do you have any tips you can add to gaining confidence in front of the lens?

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