An Evening with Mecca and 5ive Live*

I was kindly invited to attend Mecca Bingo’s evening and exclusive performance with the boy band 5ive on the 7th September. For total clarity, this post is #sponsored but all words, opinions, and corny puns are my absolute own.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. How else should a girl respond when her ole boy band crush announce they’ll be playing at your local bingo hall? I’m not ashamed to say I may have blushed a little at those gorgeous boys serenading my lovely Hull folk. On another note, I was ready to Rock the Party and listen ever so hopefully at the bingo numbers being called out. Bingo’s an intriguing game, I get completely distracted people watching and fascinated by the bloodthirsty game that is calling out a line.

Here’s how the evening went down:

A spot of Bingo

Whilst a Bingo Game itself is already intense and suffices enough entertainment for my racing heart to sustain, add to this the music of 5ive and you’ve got a highly entertaining evening. A racy game of bingo is a good way to kick off your evening with a couple of drinks to get going.

5ive, Violet Glenton

5ive, Violet Glenton

A delicious snack or two

We picked up some food to keep us going and did you know you can actually get a range of food on the menu? Hot dogs, burgers, wings (basically of all those delicious cravings we love to indulge in).

A tipple or 5ive (oh lordy another pun!)

I was pleasantly surprised to see a standard bar and a specialist gin bar. I actually spent the evening drinking from their ‘funky cocktail’ selection but the gin was extremely tempting!

The entertainment

5ive came on and quickly had the fans moving and there was certainly Something in the Air that had me reminiscing my childhood. It was really good to see a bingo hall (that seats 1200) entertained by 5ive who had Everybody Get (ing) up! I could hear the voices of 10s of hundred singing along to the tunes and bopping to the music. I’m really pleased to say that this isn’t the only event Mecca are hosting in terms of entertainment value. They have S Club Live coming in December!

Particular highlight: when the room got REALLY hot and they suggested stripping off some clothes. By the end of the evening 5ive really had made ‘everybody feel alright’.

5ive, Violet Glenton

5ive, Violet Glenton


All in all we had a great evening at Mecca for their 5ive event. The music system sounded great and the music was sure to get everyone Satisfied. Best of all we could Keep on Movin’ our bingo dotters (sorry I just can’t help myself) whilst reminiscing of the good old days where the boy bands were happening and baby spice was our idol.

Mecca are offering an alternative entertaining evening of music and a live band WITH a round of bingo. Marvellous if you ask me. Oh and it’s not just for the older audience, I actually didn’t see many over the age of 40! (Not that this matters but just to reassure any of your objective opinions). I’ll be keeping tuned to other nights they have on offer.

I still can’t quite believe the value for money on tickets for Mecca bingo. You get so much enjoyment and fun out of your evening which is worth it in itself. But to see a childhood favourite band is worth its weight in gold. It was like stepping back in time.

5ive Song Check List (for this post):

  • Keep on Movin’
  • Something in the Air
  • Everybody Get Up
  • Rock the Party
  • We’re Going all Night
  • Satisfied

So what are you thinking? Will you be heading to the next Bingo event?

Violet x

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*This post was written in collaboration with Mecca Bingo and is a #sponsored post. Whilst the entry and refreshments were provided to me free of charge, the words, opinions and thoughts of the evening all from my own musings of the evening. 


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