Yard & Coop Liverpool: Ode to Chicken

If you’re like me, and love finger CLICKING (to the music) chicken then this is the place for you. I was invited to review Yard & Coop at my recent stay and Liverpool and share my thoughts on the atmosphere, food and cocktails.
Yard & Coop, Violet Glenton, Food
We arrived on a Friday evening, and as we walked in I squealed as I could hear Atomic Kitten On the speaker system and a bath tub filled with balls out of the corner of my eye. Yard & Coop have a quirky, fun atmosphere that welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door. The decor is actually a pretty intelligent concept, there is a floor filled with tables for seating downstairs and a mezzanine floor designed as chicken coops (ironic right?) We had a lovely coop to ourself that was decorated with chicken wire (out of reach though don’t worry!) and fairy lights.
Yard & Coop, Violet Glenton, Food
To add more to the atmosphere, I HAVE to comment on the utterly head boppin’, hilarious music playlist that was on. It was like an utter throwback to the 90s and 00s and I LOVED it.
The staff were warm and welcoming, and shortly before we’d taken our seats a member of staff arrived to ask if we’d like any drinks or any suggestions on the menu. Kirsty dined with me and we have quite different tastes in cocktails so it was good to see such a variety. I stuck to my usual gin based drinks and was not disappointed at the alcohol to mixer content. I ordered from the “make your own” section and went for chicken with Korean sauce and their style Vegas fries. I figured I had to try something different!
The food arrived quickly and was perfectly hot. I’m not 100% sure I’d go for chips with peanut butter and jam again- definitely an eclectic taste. However the chips were actually mega and the chicken was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. The chicken was tender, off the bone and in a slightly sweet and salty coating. Utter perfection as it can often be too dry! Not here, no siree.
Yard & Coop, Violet Glenton, Food
All in all we had a lovely night at Yard & Coop Liverpool and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again. They’re actually fundraising at the moment for their Leeds opening. If you’re interested in “owning” a chicken shop you can make small donations to help this project on its way. You get some pretty cool things in return such as your name on the founders wall in the store you support, an ‘I own the chicken shop’ t shirt, and invitation to the opening party and free chicken for life (sign me up).
Yard & Coop, Violet Glenton, Food

Violet x

 *I was invited for this meal in exchange for a written review but as always, all words and opinions are my very own.

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