Self Care Sundays: Lumity Life Oil Review

When it comes to skincare, I’m relatively simple. I good cleanser and a moisturiser usually work on my skin so I haven’t really delved too far into other products. However, since having Jasper my hormones seem to be playing games with my skin, particularly around my chin area and my T zone has become particularly oily. When Lumity Life offered to send me their Natural Anti-Aging Facial Oil to try and test out as part of their#LumityLifeLessons, I was all in. I’d previously used natural coconut oil and loved the effects. When I turned to the Lumity Life web page I found that the Facial Oil promised to:

    • Replenish Moisture to aid a smoother, suppler skin
    • Hold Anti-Aging properties, making those pesky lines reduce (especially my one year old new born baby lines)
    • Restore firmness and radiance to the skin
    • Create a Youthful Complexion (this is a bit of me ta)
    • Promote collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin’s structural matrix
    • Maintain a perfect balance of Hydration

Lumity life, Violet Glenton

So with all of these very, very appealing qualities it was time to give it a go.

The product arrived and I instantly loved the package design. I know this isn’t the be all and end all to a product but it does help if it looks nice. The packaging looks clean and simple, refreshing almost, exactly what I’d hoped for my skin. Refreshment in a bottle would be a top seller. The glass bottle itself was again, a simple but elegant design. I could see it had a Doppler utensil making it easy to apply onto the skin. I read the instructions stating it was to be used after following your usual cleansing routine so I headed off to the bathroom.

Lumity Life, Violet Glenton

I cleansed my face and finished with my usual splash of cold water. After squeezing the Doppler (something that becomes infinity more pleasurable each time) I was met with the most delicious smell. A rich, intoxicating, floral heavy scented oil that took me back to being at the perfumeries in Egypt. What’s more is that it slid onto the skin as beautifully as one could hope.

After a few days of following the same routine I discovered my problematic chin area seemed to be a little less well, problematic. My spots were fading, and whilst this could be down to my hormones calming down I was happy to continue using the oil knowing it wasn’t breaking me out. I applied frivolously under my eye area, where I’m starting to get what is known as the ‘Spowage Bags’ in my family, some rather deep pocketed darker circles that I’d rather not see. I’d read another person’s reviewing saying how much it helped their under eye region and within a week of using the oil it was starting to appear a little brighter. Is this a miracle eraser? I decided to do more research into the product and found it contained a mix of 32 botanical oils and extracts. The combination of Green Tea Extract, Manuka and Goji Berry extract seemed to be agreeing with me.

There’s seems to have been some pretty good testing into the product and the company have showcased their results over a 4 week period here. Here’s my before and after:

Lumity life, Violet Glenton

The product retails at £60 as a one off purchase or £48 on a subscription offer. For the time it lasts, it’s actually pretty decent. I’ve spent far more on several items that have done nothing to my skin.

Violet x

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