How to Do Date Night with Princes Quay, Hull

As a local Hull girl, I’m aware of the many spots you can choose for your date night out. As Joe and I try to make the most of any time we get together alone, it’s important we set plans to really commit too. For us, we’re not overly fussed, we like a place we can feel comfortable, we like experiences, we like doing something that gives us that ‘corr blimey that was a lovely night’ without feeling over tired. When Princes Quay invited us for a date night to their shopping centre I was already a mighty bit excited as a the prospect of a Nandos.

The Glitter wall you should definitely get a picture in front of (located on Ground floor)

Joe & I (known to almost all staff at Nando’s Princes Quay from regular attendance) headed into one of our favourite restaurant’s last Sunday. Although packed out, we were served promptly and the food was pretty quick (and hot). This is my favourite Nando’s in Hull due to it’s location. It’s located on the dock side and has a view of the beautiful marina. This time of year, you can basically sit and enjoy looking at all the beautiful old town Christmas decorations whilst munching on some peri salt covered chips. Lush.

I won’t list the Nando’s menu as you’re probably more than well versed in it, but should your require it, you can have a nosey here. I went for the Fino Pita and I highly recommend this to any new go-er. Halloumi, chicken and caramelised relish… are you drooling yet?

After stuffing our faces, we figured there might be room in that second stomach for some popcorn at cinema. I was desperate to see the new Mary Poppins film and was spoilt for choice at the timings. Showings were every half an hour and we secured some good seats just behind the stairwell (the best spot in the house in my humble opinion).

Thanks to Joe for Modelling these tickets

If you’re looking for a very relaxing, laid back evening then Princes Quay offers a wide range of activities and spots to eat. Parking after 6pm is also at a reduced fee if you present you ticket to the restaurant/cinema.

Have you been on a night at Princes Quay? Perhaps you’ve tried Pizza Express or the bowling? Let me know what you thought.

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