5 songs to add to your 2019 Playlist

With a new year comes new music. However, before our charts get filled with tonnes of new numbers that will no doubt, have us all humming till 2020. I’ve created a playlist of a few songs that are going to help motivate me to focus on my aspirations and hopes for this year. With my unusual music taste, you’re sure to be kept wondering what the next tune will be. I’ll probably be blasting this out of my speakers but for on the move, I’ll be using my over the ear headphones (ya gal likes the noise cancelling kind). You can pick a pair of Panasonic Bluetooth Headphone if you’re wanting to be a little more courteous to your neighbours or fellow commuters. However, we digress, let’s get to the 5 songs to add to your 2019 playlist:

Ariana Grande: thank u Next

If I haven’t said this phrase to you yet, then we don’t know each other well enough. Whilst I find myself frequently humming along to this it’s the perfect say goodbye to 2018 song. Yes, Ariana wrote it about her past relationships, but let’s give tis the big thumbs up for moving onwards and upwards stance she portrays.

Childish Gambino: Feels like Summer

Ah Donald Glover, ya hold my heart. Whilst we will be seeing him portray the role of Simba this year, let’s take time to unwind and relax to Feels like Summer. It’s the perfect tune to listen to in the lead up to, well, Summer.

The Greatest Showman: This is Me

Come on! Would this really be a playlist without a little of the number 1 musical from last year? Dare you to listen to this without tapping your feet and feeling like you’re bossing the day.

John Mayer: New Light

Oh John Baby, you. I love a chilled tune, this is my vibe. His voice is like velvet and I’m totally here for it. ‘We can go far’ is one of the lyrics after all.

Foo Fighters: Learn to Fly

An oldie, but a goodie. I find myself singing this ALL THE TIME. Add this to your playlist and you’ll be able to reach those goals.

What songs would you add to your playlist? I’d love to hear in the comments. 

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