Things Nobody tells you about recovery after C-Section

I’ve discussed my birth story before on my blog, and talked about it many a time on my social media. However, I’ve never shared the golden nuggets of wisdom that have come with the recovery of a C-section. There are things I wish others had warned me about and other things I’d rather have not known. Yet, here I am, about to share all the things that nobody told me about recovery after C-Section. If you’re prone to cringing, or if indeed, you’re my mum then please close this tab right on down.

Matters of the Toilet

Is there a nice way to say this? Ouch. I was absolutely dreading the thought of using the bathroom after what I thought would be a natural delivery. Fear of that burning pain and any stitches that could have been present haunted me. I figured after my emergency C-Section I’d got away with it. I’d dodged a bullet if you like, but no. If you’ve had a C-Section then you may understand what I mean. Not only do you live in fear of popping a stitch if you clench those stomach muscles a little too tightly but you could also meet one of the ugliest friends so far… enter haemorrhoids. No one likes to talk about this, but I suffered from them badly after having Jasper and they do appear time and time again now. How embarrassing you say? Actually from what I’ve learnt, they’re totally normal and quite common after both versions of delivery. I found my own remedies, and preparation H became my ole bathroom pal.

‘Didn’t Push? At least you still have control of your bladder’ 

Think again, Debs. The amount of times I have legged it to the toilet to only find I’ve fallen short is a comedy sketch itself. Practise those kegels girls, no matter which form of delivery you took. I’ve found over time things have both improved and gotten worse. But I have a healthy happy boy smiling at me whilst I try my best so it’s okay eh?

The Ugly side of the Scar

After my c-section I was left with a huge piece of medical gauze and some stitches. Whilst I was pretty lucky with my recovery, I wish I’d have been given a little more advice on how to remove that sticky residue after the gauze came off. I googled, oh dangerous one, and found people suggested nail polish remover, oils, butter… all sorts. The thought of the remover made my toes curl so I opted for oil. Day after day I applied to try remove this sticky residue. In the end I kind of dabbed it off with cotton wool, but man is that stuff a tool. No one told me how darn annoying it would be.

The even uglier side of the scar, that I think it’s fairly undocumented is the immense fear that it will reopen. Whatever you’re doing you think ‘have I popped a stitch?’. Oh and one year on, you think you’re safe, then Alice Spake alerts me hers has reopened and I’m constantly checking mine. If this happens, please find a doctor.

You may also find your scar pulls a year on. I catch mine every now and then. Most of the time I don’t even realise it’s there, then I’ll lean to pick something up a certain way and BOOM I remember.

Sex can be painful for you too

Let’s talk about Sex BABY, let’s talk about you and me…I figured with a non vaginal delivery, everything with be eire. Once again, I took to Doctor Google and found a number of woman on Mumsnet (a side I’d later come to resent) who informed me how normal this was. I did check the NHS guidelines too guys, it’s ok. It went away fairly quickly and I learnt it was just a result of the blood flow to the area and all that jazz that happened in labour.

How about you? Was there anything you wish you’d have known about recovery after C-Section?

Violet x

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