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Gimme Long Shiny Hair

Every now and then we may feel the need to make a little change, small alteration to our appearance. Whether this be lip fillers, a new hair style or those HD brows you’ve lusted over…

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Exploring Italy through its most famous Art

Exploring Italy through its most famous Art As a History of Art graduate, you better know that any trip with me involves a stop at a museum or art gallery. Italy, a country incredibly rich in culture, history and art is a haven for…

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Why I need to learn to stop apologising – Being British

Ah being a Brit. Us British are known for many things… Our love for fish and chips, baked beans and a good ole cuppa. It’s not just about our Queen Liz, or the chaos that…

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3 Tips for Budgeting Online*

Now you all know that I love a bargain. Whether it be finding the best deals out there for a product, or searching for the most long lasting item I’ve never been shy to a…

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Things Nobody tells you about recovery after C-Section

I’ve discussed my birth story before on my blog, and talked about it many a time on my social media. However, I’ve never shared the golden nuggets of wisdom that have come with the recovery…

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