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3 Outfits I wore in an Early Autumn Italy Trip

September/October can be an odd time of year to go travelling. It’s not quite the end of summer but it’s also not quite cold enough to be reaching for your autumn knits. I’ve frequently gone…

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Explore More: How to find the sweet spot of your holiday

The sweet life. The accurate description of most of my holidays. After all, why do we book these getaways if not to soothe our souls and minds? There are ways I know I feel my…

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#GiveYourselfSomeSanctuary – A Bathroom Retreat

My bathroom has become a retreat. It’s true. Since having Jasper, I’ve found the bathroom can be my own little haven to escape and let my mind (and body) relax after a day of doing…

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5 Easy Ways to Navigate Lake Maggiore

After my recent trip to Italy with Bookings for you*, I conquered more than one wobble in my ever expanding list of fears (why does this get greater as we get older). I drove in…

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What to do if you’re flying long haul with a baby

I was MORE than panicked about flying with my 8 month old boy Jasper. However, I was determined to get him travelling young and our trip to Canada was the perfect way to dive in…

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