Swimwear Struggles and Corkscrew Curls

We’ve all been there… whether you’ve had a little doubt in your mind before purchasing that super beautiful bikini or even the tight bright coloured one piece you’ve seen on the size 6 model. Doubt can get to us all. I’ve been the first out of my friends in the past to reach for the ‘Tummy control’ swimwear piece just because I felt it was appropriate to do so cause I wobble and jiggle like any other normal human being.

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

Tankini Top: Yours Clothing (out of stock- suggestions towards end of blog for alternatives)
High Waisted Bikini Brief: Yours Clothing
Sunglasses: Yours Clothing

For me, there’s the same 3 areas I’ve always had my quibbles with:

  • Firstly, the belly – this is an obvious one. I adore my jiggle now but it has taken it’s time to become my friend, and whilst we’re now on good terms I feel slightly guilty for neglecting the delightful wobble.
  • Secondly, my thighs…. now anyone who follows my social channels will know I’m all about #freethethighs but I used to feel completely self conscious of them before. Add to the fact I remember seeing girls on the beach with not a dot of cellulite on their legs and you’ll understand why so many girls get a complex about it. These lines/marks/whatever you want to call ’em are lovely little dimples that would also really like to see the sun if you fancy showcasing them out.
  • Finally, my shoulders. I have no idea really guys and gals. I suppose I’ve always thought of them as rather manly. I’m not petite framed and I’m cool with this now, but when I was younger I used to find I had an extremely square build. As with the thighs, I’m sure they’d appreciate the day out once in a while.

Now overcome with love for these little wobbles I once feared, not only have I purchased some FAB one pieces but I picked up the most beautiful Tankini set from Yours Clothing.

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

Disclosure: I am not editing out my cellulite

See how the sun reflects beautifully off extremely pale skin? It’s like Casper the friendly ghost staring back on a happy summers day.

Swimwear, Violet Glenton

You can pick up some similar styles to the set I wore here, here, here and here .. and what’s best? Most are in the SALE right now (until end of June).

SIDE NOTE—- if you are expecting this is HIGHLY recommended. This Swimwear piece has room to grow and baby bump does not feel constricted at all !!! Hurrah for comfortable and fashionable.

What have been your biggest struggles with swimwear? Let me know in the comments! 


Violet x

*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing and this item was gifted to me for purposes of review.

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