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As any mother to be will know the urge and need inside you to clean your house to the enth degree becomes apparent in the last few weeks (or in my case two months) of pregnancy. I’ve even gone to the extent of re-painting door frames as they just seem that little bit too dull for me. Cleaning is now an obsession. When Milton Products offered to send me some of their antibacterial wipes to review I jumped at the chance to add to my ever growing cleaning cupboard.

The wipes themselves are not quite what I expected (and in the best possible way). I initially assumed these would be your average antibac wipes- used for wiping the surface and that would pretty much do. I had no idea how versatile these wipes were.

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The packaging explains they can be used for toys, soothers & teats, the home itself and much more. After reading some other reviews of these you can find a whole bunch of alternative ways of using them such as disinfecting a babies bath, wiping down a changing mat (these are currently stashed in my changing bag) and cleaning the worktop area in preparation for milk. I have to admit although I can’t attest these yet alongside a baby it does seem extremely appealing that all of these can be cleaned with one wipe. I can only imagine how difficult it could be with a baby in one arm and cleaning solution/cloths etc etc in the other. Why don’t we make more products as simple and versatile as this?

The wipes themselves are nor too thick or too thin- and despite some reviews stating they lost their wetness quickly I didn’t find the same issue.

Milton, Violet Glenton, Baby Blog

When I looked at replenishing my already diminishing stock of wipes I as pleased to find they could be picked up almost anywhere such as Amazon, Boots, Superdrug and Waitrose to name a few.

I’m adding these to my ‘essentials for nesting’ list along with just darn handy items to carry around that don’t take up a lot of room. The antibacterial hand gel will be a bit of a time saver as well as I’m sure my little one is bound to make lots of messes in every way possible :-).

Have you tried any of the Milton products? I’ve picked up some steriliser tablets from their range recently but will be awaiting babies arrival to put them to the test. If you’re looking to read other product reviews you can find some here.

Violet x

*This post is written in collaboration with Milton Products and items included were gifted to me for purposes of review.

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