Reasons your blog makes you a Boss

We all work so hard on our blogs, I know I do with this blog. Honestly, there’s no need to under-exaggerate it. I for one find I spend hours daily working on editing photos/coming up with content/ reading about SEO or understanding the whole world that is blogging. It’s bloody hard work. When the next person turns to you and says ‘you’re so lucky’, remind them that you work hard and you deserve it for this exact reason.

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After attending‘s Blog At The Beach event I was totally inspired by what QueenBeady had to say. It’s not very often that we sit and take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining a blog. Here’s the reasons why YOUR BLOG makes you a boss.

  • It’s your world and you’re curating it. That’s pretty amazing. You’re practically an artist.
  • It shows initiative – As someone who reads CV’s as part of their 9-5 job I love when someone has a blog. It shows they have a little drive. Something in their own time that they work hard on.
  • Blogging isn’t easy, and you my friend are a fighter. How many times have you wanted to throw your laptop at the wall staring at HTML codes? Or become extremely frustrated with your editing software for deleting all your hard work? Oh we’ve all been there.

blog, Violet Glenton, LifestyleBlogger, UKBlog

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  • You are business savvy. If like me, your blog has opened up many doors congratulations! You’re using it for opportunities. You of course don’t have to do this, but if you’d like to then great!
  • You’re strong. If like me, you’ve gotten fed up with SEO or your DA bouncing up and down on moz. You’ve learnt to grow a thick skin to it. If you love it, does it matter if your rankings have dropped slightly?
  • You persevere and develop. If I look back to my first few blog posts I can see an immense amount of growth. No more do I stand in front of my garden fence balancing my phone on a book. I’ve developed my photography with the assistance of others to improve this site. I’ve grown.

blog, Violet Glenton, LifestyleBlogger, UKBlog

What other attributes do you think makes your blog brilliant? Or even make you a boss? Please don’t be shy to toot your own horn! Sometimes we have to.

Violet x

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