Must Do’s for a Trip to Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city. Vibrant, quirky and cool, it is one of my favourite cities I’ve travelled to. In some ways, I prefer it to New York (which is slightly shocking I assure you). It has a much cleaner vibe to it, thanks to it’s nearby position of the lake. Having both high rise buildings and skyscrapers juxtaposed against the cool boardwalk here are the must do’s and see’s for a trip to Toronto.

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Catch a GAME

Whether you’re into Baseball, Basketball, American Football or Hockey, Toronto has a team for it. There are different seasons for sports so if visiting summer time, I highly recommend a Blue Jays game. If you’re hitting it up in the coolness of winter, then you’re silly to miss a basketball game.

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Toronto, Violet Glenton, Evans

Walk the Length of the City

As in this introduction, I explained this city has such diverse areas. You can walk the lengths of the city (over a few days) and really get to grips with different areas. My favourite was the walk along the lake or walking past St. Lawrence Market.

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Try Peameal Bacon

Whilst you’re at St. Lawrence Market, try the ever famous Peameal Bacon sandwich. A little tip is that you can actually ask for half the bacon (as they’re massive). Sorry veggie friends, this is not one for you. However, the market is filled with goodies for you, and the city itself caters for vegans wonderfully.

Get a great view

I suppose it goes without saying, but a visit to the CN tower gives you one of the best views of the city. If you’ve not visited before this is well worth it. Just be advised queues can be nasty, so head up early to avoid hours of waiting in line.

Go Shopping

Toronto has some of the best shops. Whether you hit up Yorkville for the high end brands, or Eaton centre for your high street. You will be spoiled for choice. I recommend hitting up Marshalls and Winners if you’re looking for some bargains!

Toronto, Violet Glenton, Want that Trend

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*Items included were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.


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