#GiveYourselfSomeSanctuary – A Bathroom Retreat

My bathroom has become a retreat. It’s true. Since having Jasper, I’ve found the bathroom can be my own little haven to escape and let my mind (and body) relax after a day of doing my usual tasks. Sanctuary Bathrooms have come up with a fabulous idea of how to #GiveYourselfSomeSanctuary and want bloggers and like minded people on board. Bathrooms are no longer just a place to get clean, but now can be a sanctuary. I spend most of my days thinking of other people. Whether it be at my work, or for my family at home it can be hard to take the time to look after myself. Sometimes I forget, I’m not afraid to say. The days pass so quickly and I’ve forgotten to take 5 minutes to myself and go a little stir crazy. I’ve found a solution to this now by introducing my own chill out time in the bathroom. Read on, I dare ya.

Whilst my baths were initially shared with my boy when he was first born I must admit, I LOVE having them to myself again now he’s happier on his own too. My bath has become my little getaway from everything. I’ve made an arrangement with my husband that he walks the dog and baby whilst I get my own time to switch off and pamper.

Here are my 3 tips to making your bathroom a cosy retreat (or home made spa):

Sanctuary, Violet Glenton, Sanctuary Bathrooms


Quench your thirst

Get yourself a drink, whether this be a nice cuppa or a glass of vino, it’s the perfect way to unwind whilst the bath fills up. There’s something incredible relaxing about having either of these drinks, it’s like a warm hug from the inside out. I actually think this is a vital part of self-care too. Just remembering to make yourself a drink. I find it easy to forget when I’m chasing Jasper around the room all day, so it’s important I remember for my ‘me’ time.

Set the Tone

Get that bath bomb in, your ‘chill’ playlist on and your best book out. You’ll be soothing ALL of the senses with the smell from the bath (so delicious you could eat it), the soothing sounds of (in my case John Mayer) and the catchy plot line of your favourite book. If you’re not a fan of reading, no problem! Get your fave Netflix programme out and jobs a good ‘un. Turn down the lights, get the candles lit and zone out. Zen.

Sanctuary, Violet Glenton, Sanctuary Bathrooms

Sanctuary, Violet Glenton, Sanctuary Bathrooms

Pamper Yourself:

I’m a big fan of a face mask, especially when I’m trying to relax. It’s the only time it’s acceptable to look like Shrek and feel monstrously beautiful. I’m a sucker for a clay mask, but sheet masks can be excellent too! Find some products you like, whether this be your body scrub, bubbly lotion or deep conditioner and apply generously to spoil your body of yours. It deserves it.

Sanctuary, Violet Glenton, Sanctuary Bathrooms

Sanctuary, Violet Glenton, Sanctuary Bathrooms

Do you have any tips for #GiveYourselfSomeSanctuary ? I’d love to hear them below in the comments!

Violet x

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*This post was written in collaboration with Sanctuary Bathrooms. The items were gifted to me for use and inclusion, but all words and opinions are my own. 

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