Christmas Wishlist: The Beauty Edition

Now you all know your girl here is pretty clueless about makeup and skincare. I like to wear it, I love how it makes me feel but I really don’t do too much research into anything. However, I am trying to educate myself a little more and take the time to care for my skin. If you ever speak to top beauty connoisseurs like my pal Charl, she’ll tell you I raid through her bag on our weekends away eagerly trying every possible product in every way. I do actually love makeup and skincare, I just rarely find the time for it myself. This year I’m making a Christmas Wishlist of the 3 items I want that. I’m hoping that this list will provide me with some products that don’t ask for too much time and effort, but that could make a hella difference.

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If you’re researching and educating yourself on skin care uk panasonic is a top place to start. I’ve actually become pretty fascinated with their EH-XC10 3-in-1 Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Brush. Something is massively appealing to me about the use of an electric brush to remove my makeup in exchange for the waste high use of face wipes. I’ve recently switched to a cleansing balm recently and found I much prefer it to the use of wipes so this could be a perfect addition for me. If I were able to continue with my current routine but use these soft brush tools for removing any dry skin this would be just excellent. Y’all know how I feel about my dry skin.

Beauty, Violet Glenton,

Ah the search for the perfect lipstick is never ending. I get along famously with my MAC family but I’m wanting to reach out more into Charlotte Tilbury. This set of Mini Hollywood Liquid lipstick charms comes in the colours Too Bad I’m Good & Show Girl. As it gives you opportunity to try ‘two for the price of one’ it’s the perfect way to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to me. It’s actually the deep berry colour that intrigues me more than anything. Utterly gorgeous.

Beauty, Violet Glenton,

Anyone else been on the quest for the perfect moisturiser? Whilst my skin actually seems to prefer the idea of oil, I’d love to give it a good ‘go’ with moisturiser. Particularly for when I’m having oily days so that I don’t overdo it. Looking for something a little in the middle I think I’d like to try the Clinque Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly. It’s supposed to penetrate (giggle) the skin super quickly so that your skin doesn’t have a moment to experience dryness! Lush!


How about you help me out in the comments? What other products should a newbie beauty gal be looking into? I’m talking face masks, creams, foundations, mascaras, ANYTHING I can pop on my mucky chops to make me feel a little more glam. Lemme know below!

Violet x


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