City Break Fashion in Paris with curves

Bonjour to any readers I may have out there! Within the next few weeks I’ll be planning my outfits for my next city break to Venice, which had me looking at my last one to Paris. I thought for this blog I could go through one or two of the outfits I wore and why I liked them for us curvy gals.

I visited Paris in May, which was a beautiful time of year. Some days we had bright sunshine, others there was a little chill in the air. I like this as I can get a little hot and bothered with too much sunshine. I can get a little frustrated with spring weather and curvy clothing as I do sometimes in winter. I fear too many layers can over exaggerate parts of my body I’m not wanting to. I don’t know if this is just me, but I get a little self conscience about having my legs out, and anything tight fitting around my stomach. I’m hoping with time and along writing this blog, i’ll gain a little more confidence to rock it like so many other bloggers do such as Terrible Tumbles in her AMAZING Yours images Terrible Tumbles- The Smyth workin’ it.

Anyway, without babbling on here are my outfits:

City Break, Violet Glenton, paris

Posin’ on a balcony

City Break, Violet Glenton, paris

So French- so Chic

City Break, Violet Glenton, paris

Details of the gorgeous floral top whilst trying a snail… my face looks happier than I felt afterwards!

Floral Top: New Look

Black Trousers: Next

Peach Coat: Topshop

City Break, Violet Glenton, paris

Who let me out in public?

City Break, Violet Glenton, paris

Posin’ at Versailles

Grey knitted vest: Warehouse

Long black Cardigan: New Look

Ripped Skinny Black Jeans: New Look

Chelsea Boots: ASOS

That’s all for now,

Violet xx

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