THAT Day and THAT dress- I got married!

I got Married! So I’ve been holding off a little while to blog this post, purely as I’ve been in a bit of a daze since getting back from my honeymoon and everything finally sinking in that I’m now a different name and someones WIFE.

Violet_Joe - 94.jpg

For those who don’t know, Joe and I decided to get married in Italy, in a little place called Malcesine in a wonderful castle surrounded by my closest family and friends. I suppose I’m pretty laid back about these things and I wanted to have a ‘holiday’ like wedding where everyone was relaxed and the weather was nice. I did of course have my moments, one I recall about a crinkle in a dress.. oh silly Violet. The day itself was crazy, we had every weather extreme… I woke to thunder, lightning and rain… it later drizzled, it was cloudy for the ceremony (and thankfully cool!) then another rain storm of about 10 minutes then bright sunshine the rest of the day (which meant we could have our boat trip!!)

Violet_Joe - 589

Of course the main concern for most brides is THE DRESS- and I had my ups and downs when finding one. I initially went dress shopping with my mum over a year ago, I was squeezed and pushed into every gown possible ranging from sizes 16-22… I’m usually a 14-16 but these dresses were tricky. The choice was ridiculously limited and I felt forced into whatever they could squeeze on me. I’m sure some other ladies could give me some tips for dress shopping (where to go etc) but at the time I didn’t have my blog and a bunch of lovely ladies to turn to who understood my predicament so I went to the dark side… ONLINE. I found a dress initially, and purchased it on the cheap but later didn’t feel it was what I wanted so sold it on. I’d seem some styles I really liked but they were going to take a while to make and could only find shipping from China. Nothing wrong with that of course, but could I put my trust in this for my wedding dress? In the end I decided to give it a go knowing I had months spare to find something else if all went wrong and I’d only be down ¬£90… anyway it arrived and I LOVED IT! It fitted perfectly and I loved the beading.

So without me over-egging the pudding, here are some photographs for you! It was a wonderful day with memories I’ll cherish forever.

Violet_Joe - 110Violet_Joe - 608

Violet_Joe - 619

Violet_Joe - 927

If I’d had asked a year ago, where would you have suggested I visit?

Edit: I’ve recently written up on why you should get married in Italy here.

Violet xx


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