Getting Married in Italy, and why you should think about it

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In July 2016 I tied the knot to my best friend Joe. Joe, or Giuseppi for purposes of this blog, is a rather Italian looking, dark haired fellow. When we travel he often gets mistaken as French, Italian or Spanish but I digress. I’ve written about my dress before here, but never the day. When we did say ‘I do’ or ‘lo voglio’ he fitted in perfectly. Me? Pale and Blonde stood out a little more. Yet, felt perfectly at home. There is something about Italy that feels homely to me. It’s culture is like a warm hug to me. It’s people? Some of the kindest, happiest I’ve ever met. It’s History? Difficult to rival. When I researched where I wanted to get married there was no question.

The Weather:

Many people say they’re going to get married abroad because of the weather. Well I tell you now, you cannot control Mother Nature. It CHUCKED it down on the morning of my wedding. The sun did make an appearance later but I distinctly remember waking to a horrific thunderstorm with the shutters to my balcony clattering. I looked out onto Lake Garda and thought oh… is this my wonderful sunny abroad wedding?

The Venue I had chosen had a perfect back up room, and although it stopped raining just long enough for me to get married on the outer terrace I knew I’d be ok. The inside room had a view that overlooked the greenery of Italy.

Married, Italy, Violet Glenton, Destination Wedding

Select Guests:

Having a wedding abroad usually cuts down your guest list by at least half. You’ll find the people who REALLY want to be there will find a way. Otherwise you can send them a post card. We had a tight group of 30 and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Like No Other:

I didn’t want a ‘traditional’ wedding in a church. I had my whole ceremony in Italian, on a terrace, in a castle, next to a lake.

It’s good value for Money:

The average wedding in the UK is now deemed to be around the 27k mark. I couldn’t even contemplate HOW you could spend that in one day, but that’s just me. Abroad weddings tend to be around the 7k mark.

Married, Italy, Violet Glenton, Destination Wedding

I’ll revisit this topic in a future post but wanted to know, do you have any questions? Have you thought about getting married abroad?

Violet x

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  1. April 10, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    I can’t get over how beautiful your wedding (and you!) look!!

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