Ca d’oro, a guide to the attraction

Anyone who has visited Venice will know that behind every corner or over every bridge is a delicious gem to be discovered and devoured. Ca d’oro is no exception. Also known as the ‘golden house’ or wonderfully by itsĀ ‘proper’ name ‘Palazzo Santa Sofia’ this delectable palace is one of the most magnificent examples of Venetian Architecture. I remember studying the architecture of Giovanni Bon and Bartolomeo Bon at University and finding John Ruskin’s glorious little water colour of this treasure of Venice and knew I had to visit.

I won’t lie, the front of the Ca d’oro is a sight itself. Magnificent. In many ways I could have happily seen the front and turned around and left it there. I mean look at the columns!!

ca d'oro, Violet Glenton, Venice, Travel Blogger

But this time I wanted to see more. Having studied the architecture I appreciated the outside, but I really hoped to see the beauty of the interior. So this time I paid the extortionate fee of 6 euros. I am of course kidding, this is such a small price to pay! I found myself in a small courtyard once passing the entrance and was then so so happy to see this beautiful ground floor.

ca d'oro, Violet Glenton, Venice, Travel Blogger

Being an absolute sucker for history I could also smell the trade that would have happened here. The exterior is one thing, but tiling like that is not done overnight.

I worked my way through the building and discovered each floor had a treasure of it’s own. Not only did it have a wonderful exhibition on but there were many small balconies dotted around that you could stand on and look out over the canals. Here is the main balcony which I stood on for about 30 minutes and watched the little gondolas and boats travel up and down the canal whilst the fish market went on across the road. I would have been quite happy to have pulled up a seat and could have sat there all day watching.

ca d'oro, Violet Glenton, Venice, Travel Blogger

If you like little treasures (this house was empty of visitors- we visited in October) please go to the Ca’ d’oro, don’t just look at it’s exterior. The interior is just at lovely and that view will give you beautiful dreams of Venice to hold onto for life!

If you like reading about the History of places, you can find a post on St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City here.

That’s all from me today, signing out,

Violet xx


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