Bridesmaid duties, My Sister got Married!

Hello again! I’ve appeared today to post on my Sister’s wedding and the lovely bridesmaid dress she gave us to wear for the day! I must in advance apologise, as I have had to use some photos off my phone to showcase this nude chiffon dress from AX Paris, so the quality of photo isn’t great (so sorry!)

Bridesmaid, Violet Glenton

The ceremony itself was beautiful and no one could outshine my sister on her special day, but¬†today I’m going to briefly chat about the bridesmaid dresses we wore for the special occasion. May I add, there were 5 bridesmaids, and it was hard enough for me to pick one dress that suited 3, so props to Sapphie!

Firstly, let’s talk about the colour. I was a little weary at first, being the colour of snow but after a little fake tan ta-da! I think the colour looked pretty great. It was this gorgeous pinky nude and similar can be found here.

Secondly, I am very unfortunately, wearing my bridesmaid flip flops as my feet were a little sore from the sparkly shoes we’d worn on the cobbles in the minster where my sister got married.¬†No Shrinking Violet

Finally, the cut of the dress is very grecian and with my sister having different shapes and sizes it pretty much suited all of us. I’d squeezed into a size 14 here, but think it fitted pretty well albeit a bit of extra blub on my back being contained in the dress.

I will have some exciting posts coming up soon and hopefully some autumn outfit posts for you- but with the flower wall behind me, this felt like one of my final Summer posts for the year- so what better to use!

New Edit: A was a Bridesmaid AGAIN for my other sister, you can read about what I wore to that wedding here.

Violet xx

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