One final pregnancy look – Before I burst!

I struggled at times to find clothes to accommodate the levels of comfort required with pregnancy and the want to look stylish. In the final week of my pregnancy I wore an outfit that I felt was perfect for my A/W wardrobe and also extremely comfortable.

At first I wasn’t sure where to share these pictures but I adore the autumn colours so much that I couldn’t not! I hope you enjoy a few outdated snaps and they give you a little inspo for these few cooler months.

Pregnancy, Violet Glenton, Pregnant Blogger

Coat: Topshop (old)

Jumper: H&M (in store)

Elasticated Trousers: Yours Clothing

Velvet boots: Yours Clothing

Pregnancy, Violet Glenton, Pregnant Blogger

This H&M Knit is the perfect plum colour for Autumn and is one I’ll be wearing throughout the next year. It perfectly matches the plum line on my Yours Clothing leggings which are both comfortable and affordable. They have just the right amount of stretch around the waist band without the dreaded saggy crotch.

New Edit: Looking back at these pictures I was a little tired and impatient for my little ones arrival. But dressing up, slapping on a bit of makeup and going out for a walk did me a world of good. In the new year I hope to follow this routine on days when I’m feeling a little down.

Pregnancy, Violet Glenton, Pregnant Blogger

I mean look at that bump?! It’s hard to believe that I had a little person growing in me for 9 months let alone believe that he is here now.

Pregnancy, Violet Glenton, Pregnant Blogger

I’m started to get excited to meet my little one but this Pregnancy has been one hell of a ride. Unfortunately now I’m twitching my thumbs in anticipation of the arrival of Jasper. Are you excited to meet him?

What are you most looking forward to for the New Year? What are your aspirations?

Violet x

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