Grunge and Aspirations: A list for 2018

How have you all been settling into 2018? I’m looking forward to more blog posts and creating more content for my blog across different fields. You’ll see from my previous post that I’ve begun the year on an ending. Strange I know, but my contract with Yours Clothing has come to an end and you can read a little about the best bits in my previous post. I’ve written together a list of Aspirations for 2018.

Jumper: H&M similar here
Trousers: Zara similar here
Boots: Yours Clothing
Earrings: Matalan

Here are some of my aspirations to take across 2018:

  • Post often

I set myself a target of a post a week in 2017, and I pretty much accomplished this. I hope to continue this into 2018. I may even knock out 2 a week sometimes- who knows!

  • Include Jasper in Posts¬†

Although not an area I’ve really touched, I’d love to post about becoming a Mum and the trials that will come with it. It would be lovely to share the best moments too- a scrapbook if you like. I’d like to do some work with companies for baby products so if you’re a brand please reach out on my contact me page.

Aspirations, Violet Glenton, lifestyle Blogger

  • Be more open

I’ve found it difficult to talk about personal things in my life, worrying that my readers are just here to hear about fashion. Of course, there is a person underneath these clothes and I’ve love for you to get to know more about me as the year goes on.

  • Travel More

My family and I are headed to Canada in July and I’m hoping to book another getaway around Christmas time. Perhaps I’ll spend Christmas in another city? Who knows!

Aspirations, Violet Glenton, lifestyle Blogger

  • Up my Game

I want to improve my blog. That includes images. I’m hoping to produce better content both graphically and literally. Suggestions of topics/posts to cover are always welcome. Pop me an email or leave a comment.

Aspirations, Violet Glenton, lifestyle Blogger

  • Meet up with more bloggers

I love bloggers. They put so much into their platforms and their enthusiasm rubs off on you. I’d love to do more meet ups this year with my favourite bloggers!

Violet x


  1. February 2, 2018 / 10:11 am

    I think meeting up with bloggers is definitely a must – especially this here blogger!

    C x

  2. February 2, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I’m obsessed with those trousers! I’m so tempted to get them, they look amazing. Also yay for posting about Mum life. I’ll look forward to reading those posts.


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