5 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent

A parent can NEVER have enough Photographs

If you ever handle my phone, you will find approximately 486251936 photographs of Jasper laid in the same position. Usually staring at me pulling faces because I’m doing over expressive I LOVE YOU faces and singing Hello by Lionel Richie to him. I refuse to cut them down and I certainly won’t stop taking them. I need MORE.

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My level of Patience has dramatically increased

They say patience is a virtue, well that’s not an option when you become a parent. Strangely you have little difficulty understanding that you need to have patience. To finish that bottle, to learn a new skill and to help develop those eye muscles. It’s all worth it.

My life didn’t end 

If only I had a penny for every person who said ‘say goodbye to your life’ or ‘you’ll never go out again’ I’d have… at least 15p. Whilst things do change, I only feel Jasper has added to my life. I do still somehow make my way out the house every day and continue to have a full life.

I am AMAZING at multi-tasking

Who knew you could do so many things at the same time?! My minds planning the weekly shop, one hand is feeding Jasper, yet I’m watching The Chase AND answering questions? Clever clogs me.

I can be a deeply emotional person

Whilst at the best of times, you’ll find me chuckling and giggling. I get quite emotional at the prospect that I have my own little person to care, love and provide for. I get even more emotional at the happiness it brings and how much I couldn’t do this without my husband Joe. He is my rock and together we have sailed into parenthood (soppy moment over– he’s also good at changing nappies).

Parent, Violet Glenton, Parent blog

All this, and I’m only a few months in!

Violet x

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