I challenge myself, reasons to better myself

I challenge myself. I want to grow, develop, change, form into a better person.

I challenge myself. I want to be kinder, more loving, generous than I was before.

I challenge myself. I want to succeed, excel in my work/blogging profile.

I challenge myself. I want to care more for my mind, and take time out to let it regroup.

I challenge myself. I want to make more friends, push myself out of my comfort zone.


In an effort for a different type of blog post, I am focusing my mind on what I want from 2018. Whilst I’ve had a wonderful 2018 so far, I am looking to improve myself. To take more care in the choices I make and the people I trust. To those who I let in to Violet’s inner sanctum (I promise it’s my mind). To those who I maybe keep at a distance. I have friendships which lift me up, other’s which seem to take their toll on my shoulders. Whilst I already have rather broad shoulders I’m not sure I deserve that. I don’t want to be a burden to others, I want to be WANTED. 

challenge, Violet Glenton, About Me

As for myself, I want to improve. It’s a natural human desire to challenge yourself. My mind grows tired if I don’t have a challenge. My latest one being a little boy who’s smile lifts my heart but also makes my eyes sore and biceps ache. Becoming a mother has changed my perspective on a lot of things. Others not at all.

Some challenges take longer to achieve. I know not all of this will drastically occur over night. Some may take years.

challenge, Violet Glenton, About Me

What challenges have you set yourself this year? Would you be disappointed if you didn’t meet them the first time round?

Violet x

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