Moving Forward, Time for a Rebrand

You may have noticed some changes around here. After 3 years of blogging, I made the decision to do a rebrand. I am No Shrinking Violet was started as a reaction to fight the power in a sense to those who used to mock my shape. My first post was very different to what you see now. I ain’t about that life anymore. After a year or so, I began writing up on travel and lifestyle topics. My blog wasn’t based on just fashion anymore. Finally, having Jasper last year meant I wanted to include him in my posts. I realised my blog was becoming more about my life, rather than just my style. I wanted my title to reflect this. I have rebranded to Violet Glenton.

Rebrand, Violet Glenton, Fashion Blogger

Photography by Jenny

I rebranded from I am No Shrinking Violet to my name, Violet Glenton in an effort to continue to improvements I’ve been trying to make. I finally took my blog self hosted, and with the help of Phil at PipDig the transition has been pretty smooth. I’d highly recommend getting some help if you’re thinking of a rebrand.

I’m aware I now have to start from scratch, build everything up again but it’s a challenge I accept. It will allow me to pitch myself better to brands, build more on the name and grow more.

Rebrand, Violet Glenton, UK Blogger

In other logical ways, Violet Glenton just seems to fit better. Pitching a brand and stating my blog title always seemed a little long. I couldn’t be just No Shrinking Violet thanks to a antiques store that holds the domain. All of my social channels are under Violet Glenton so now at least there is some consistence.

I really do hope you love the rebrand and I hope you’ll follow me on this journey :-).

Do you like the rebrand?

Violet x


Violet x

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