My Top 5 Bloggers (At the Moment)

I haven’t done of of these lists as of yet, and thought it was about time.  I admire so many other bloggers daily, that inspire and teach me ways to grow and change my blog. As my favourite bloggers have stayed pretty consistent recently I thought it would be a good idea to share my favourites at the moment. These may vary from Travel to Fashion to Parenting. They’re all marvellous though, go give them a nosey.

Charl- Ginger Girl Says

My girl Charl is fabulous from head to toe. She writes about pretty much anything, but always adds a tongue in cheek, ‘dollop of sass’ comment alongside. You won’t be bored, you’ll probably get educated and you’ll be certain to be adding her to your follow list if you give her a nosey. She’s also a Plus Size Fashion Blogger with killer style.

Amy- Call Me Amy

Amy is a fellow Hull Blogger (HOLLA) and produces the most beautiful, carefully put together content. I actually think she is one of the most creative and talented individuals I’ve met in my life (but let’s not get soppy). She writes about Interiors, Travel, Wedding Prep, and her life/thoughts in general. It’s always a lovely read with some beautiful imagery.

Jess- The Travelista

Not only is Jess a super lovely individual (hey twinny!) She also produces some of the most informative travel content I’ve ever read. If I want to know about a place, I’m sure to check her website before others. If you’re looking for hotel inspiration, or even information on airlines, she’s your gal. She also has complete hair goals.

Em- The Em Edit 

I’ve always loved Em’s blog (Terrible Tumbles) and it’s no secret. Now she’s relaunched under the Em Edit she’s back with a bang. Expect beautiful images of her and find yourself reaching for your purse as you want to buy everything she wears.

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Hello new followers! Here are some facts about me: 1. My name’s Em, it’s short for Emma, and not (as some people have speculated) Emanuel or Eminem. 2. This weekend, a palm reader told me I have three children. I, in fact, have zero children but DO have cats and a number of thriving clematises. 3. My ex’s Mum once made me a Yorkshire pudding that made me hallucinate my cheeks were stuck to my teeth and I had to go to bed 4. I have a phobia of oranges 5. I like my toast burnt. I’m just really into carcinogens. 6. I once fell over a chair in front of Noel Gallagher and screamed “Excuse me Mr Gallagher”. 7. I seem to think it’s really clever to show people that I can touch my nose with my foot despite the fact that I pretty much no longer can and subsequently hurt myself a lot. 8. I can dislocate my jaw 9. I’ll probably show you that too 10. I love to sing and dance but have less than zero talent in either field. 11. This is totally my natural hair colour (it isn’t) 12. I have a degree in PR and Media. I work in IT. Money well spent. 13. If you are trying to tell me something important: I can almost guarantee that, in attempting to grasp the importance and pull the appropriate face shapes, I’ll have completely forgotten to listen to what you’re actually saying. 14. I have to finish things on an even number 📷: @olivia.lennn

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Anna- Mama’s Scrapbook

Anna covers Home and Lifestyle, Mental Health and Motherhood. She actively makes you more comfortable as you read her blog about any worries/doubts you’ve had. She’s definitely worth a read if you want a friendly shoulder to giggle on.

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‘You seem verifiably insane. Are you fit to be giving advice?’ This was a comment on a post I wrote about anxiety. Now, listen to me. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you are ‘less’ because of your story. Less able, less capable, less anything. We have all been challenged, bruised and broken by life in some way or another. That’s a state of being human. We all have a story to tell. The important thing is that we are moving through it, whether running, skipping or limping one tiny, tired step at a time. Yes, don’t let anyone tell you that you are ‘less’ because of what you’ve been through. Those who have met with their own darkness are most able to sit with the darkness in others. Those who’s hand’s are calloused from the climb are often the ones to first reach for another…because they know. I share my story because I know it’s not just my own. I share it to demystify, to disempower, to de-stigmatise. When the shame of your story is shrugged off, you find more than any lecturer or book could teach: compassion, wisdom, insight and empathy for others. So yes, I’ll sit confidently in my therapists chair or on a SKYPE coaching screen, because I know that my story of mental health doesn’t negate my ability to use my knowledge to support others, it enhances it. We are all a little bit broken. I’m a wounded healer. The only kind there really is. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are ‘less’ because of what you’ve been through. * I’ve tagged some accounts that are supporting others through their courageous vulnerability. Feel free to tag more #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalhealthweek #mentalhealthadvocate

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Violet x

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