Why the Cayman Islands are underrated

In August 2016 my newly husband and I embarked on our honeymoon to Miami and the Caribbean. Along the way we stopped in Jamaica, Mexico and the Cayman Islands. Whilst a few hurricanes have been pretty devastating to the Cayman Islands I found it was one of the most beautiful, thriving places I have ever visited.

Cayman, Violet Glenton

We started our trip by doing the top touristy things, ya know, swim with stingrays, meet the turtles etc. These activities were wonderful- more on them later. We also toured the island and met it’s locals, saw a few traditional surviving Cayman style built homes and it’s gorgeous landscape.

First things first, the people are absolutely delightful. Everyone was so friendly and kind. As a tourist, I was probably easily spotted a mile out with camera around the neck and slightly burned skin being a true brit. Whether this changed how I was spoken to, I’ll never know. I did get the vibes though that the people were just generally happy, friendly people. 

The landscape was beautiful. The ocean is the clearest water I have ever seen in my life. For a place that has known so much devastation they’re doing a wonderful job building it back up to be a thriving place to live, work and visit.

Cayman, Violet Glenton

The tourist attractions were amazing. Yes I did the super top tourist things like swim with Stingrays, play with turtles, but why not? It was my first visit there. The stringrays were all wild and we got a boat out to the middle of the ocean and fed and played with them. I was super cautious at first, but after a kiss and a stroke of these cuties I fell in love with them.

Now you better know this girl loves a turtle. They’re even better in real life then on screen. These adorable creatures are kept in brilliant conditions. As a conservation centre, there are open areas for turtles to swim and explore, sand for them to bury their eggs in and a large lagoon for them to swim around with people. They’d really thought it all out.

Cayman, Violet Glenton

I hope I get to return to the Cayman Islands again soon, Joe & I both agreed we could easily have stayed their for a week or so and explored more of what this beautiful place had to offer.


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