Why Taking a Break from Social Media can be Good

Sorry we’re on a break.

What you’re reading is pre-scheduled content as I’m taking a little hiatus from my blog whilst I head off and explore Canada. Ok ok, so it’s not an OFFICIAL break. I am however making sure I have my content covered and scheduled so that I can take a few weeks away from my blog without worrying about where my next post is.

You may have seen many a influencer declare they’re taking a break from social media/ their blog/ or vlog for a while and here are the reasons why taking a break can be good.

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Time to refocus your thoughts. Having time away gives you chance to put things into perspective and come back refreshed and ready to produce excellent content.

A reminder that life goes on without Social Media 

In this day and age most of us are glued to our phone. On average people check their phones 150 times a day, whether this be a quick glance or a scroll through twitter. Taking this element away reminds us life goes on. We can/and have managed without it before.

You May be more Productive

Social media is an easy distraction. How many times have you put off getting the washing out just whilst you check instagram? For me it’s a lot.

You won’t live through your phone

Have you ever been to a concert, looked around and seen everyone is viewing it through their phone? Yeah, that. You may find you appreciate things you didn’t notice before. Or maybe you just won’t walk into that lampost cause you were taking a snapchat of your feet walking. 

It may be good for your Mental Health

Social media is a curated world. Every photograph and tweet are created to be seen. Sometimes this can be incredibly difficult to see that someone is having a perfect life. Remember that it is but one part of their life. Taking a break may take away those triggering images for a while whilst you focus on yourself.

What other reasons would you recommend taking a break for?

Violet x

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