What to do if you’re flying long haul with a baby

I was MORE than panicked about flying with my 8 month old boy Jasper. However, I was determined to get him travelling young and our trip to Canada was the perfect way to dive in at the deep end. Whilst this isn’t for everyone, we just went for it! Here are my top tips for flying long haul with a baby.

  1. Take a New Toy for Every Hour
    Ok, so it doesn’t have to be ‘brand new’ it could be an old toy, small book, a pen (be safe), a blanket etc etc. Anything like this is great as if you pull a new one out for every hour they have something new to stimulate their mind. It makes them a little less frustrated. We packed one really good multi-sensory toy and a few little books.
  2. Charge up the iPad with Baby Bum, Paw Patrol, the Teddy Detectives and more
    The iPad was a bit of a godsend. If we felt Jasper was beginning to grumble, we’d put on his favourite/familiar cartoons that distracted him for 30 mins at a time. We tried to keep it to ones he knew so he felt comfortable. Netflix/Amazon both have an option to download videos and store offline for a number of days so this is the perfect way to do it!
  3. Snacks are actually the best time passers
    We packed loads of fun, crunchy potato snacks, rice crackers and juice for Jasper. We had plenty of milk with us should he require it but he was happy with these snacks. TIP: You can do a pre-order and pick up most of these from the Boots at the airport. Just check which terminal you are and you’re a go!
  4. Take your babies ‘comfort items’
    We took Jasper’s favourite Blanket and a teddy he likes to play with. These familiar comforts kept him feeling calm at most times during the flight.
  5. Give you baby a bottle for take off/and landing
    If you’re worried about the change in pressure, give your baby something to suckle on. Either a dummy, a boob or a bottle works a treat. Jasper actually fell asleep during his feed just before takeoff!
  6. Take spare clothes and extra nappies
    Babies are prone to upset tummies if they feel a little nervous. We took spare clothes in case of any accidents. We also had a LOT of nappies with us (I filled the bag as high as I could) for any emergencies. Hey, they can be used for soaking up all sorts!
  7. Take regular trips up and down the aisles
    Not just for your baby, but it can be pretty tiring sitting with a wriggler on you for all that time. Whenever I started to get uncomfortable, I’d pick him up and rock him up and down the aisles. Worked a treat and he drifted off more than once. If you have a crawler, it’s worth mentioning I saw many a parent letting their little ones crawl a little bit up and down the aisle when it was safe to do so. Do this at your own risk though.
  8. Give lots of cuddles and talk to your baby
    Your voice is a regular comfort to your baby. Explain what’s happening whilst it happens to comfort them. Such as ‘oooh do you hear the engines warming up?’ ‘here comes the air hostess with the trolley!’ Whilst they have no clue what you’re on about, it helps them just feel reassured that you’re comfortable with everything.
  9. Consider a Sky Cot
    If you’re little one is REALLY little, you may want to consider a sky cot for your flight. You can contact your airline about this but be aware, they come at a fee. Jasper was happier sleeping on us if I’m honest but not every baby feels this way!
  10. PJS all the way
    Consider putting your little on in a sleep suit to keep warm for the flight, or their pjs for comfort. They’re easy to remove for regular changes and your little one looks adorable.

Long Haul, Violet Glenton

Do you have any tips for flying long haul with your baby? Let me know below!

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