Reasons I will be travelling with my baby

Growing up, I was always brought up with the idea that travelling broadens the mind. I have some of the most amazing memories exploring with my family, and believe it made me a more rounded person. I was exposed to new cultures and cities at a young age. This itself is enough for me to want to take Jasper everywhere with me. When I mention our upcoming holiday to Canada to folk I often get the response of ‘oooh have you not thought how horrible the flight will be?’ or ‘he’s going to be terrible with jet lag’. I politely ask these people to kindly keep their thoughts to themselves. Of course, I have considered the difficulties in travelling with an infant, but believe the rewards far outweigh the negatives. Here’s the reasons I will be travelling with my baby before the age of 1.

travelling with my baby, Violet Glenton

It will get him used to it

Probably a top reason for me. If I can stop my little one having any fears of travelling/new places then I’m going to. Exposing him to airports, trains, planes etc will be good for him. I’ve always led in the idea that doing these things (and showing Jasper its normal) will benefit him in the long run. Think of it as like the dentist, it’s suggested you take your baby with you before they even have a tooth. Just so they have no fear and get used to the idea.

We will create memories 

How wonderful it will be to look back at photographs of Jasper on his first holiday with us. I want to create memories with him before even he can remember them. Least I get to get photos smooching him without him pushing me away.

It’s Free

Well more or less. Most holiday/travel providers provide free infant places. Whilst he’s a freebie, then it’s just a win win situation.

I want to take him everywhere with me

Yeah yeah, tad selfish and that. If I can avoid leaving him then I simply will. I knew what I was getting into having a baby and it’s a lovely feeling to want to share all my memories with him.

It means undisturbed family time 

This is great for Jaspers emotional health. Joe works 9-5, 5 days a week. Weekends are therefore precious to us. On holiday, Joe can be with us both all day, every day if he likes. This is great for both Jasper and Joe. Bonding is amazing.

There won’t be any chat back 

I’m not saying it will be all roses. I’m sure Jasper will occasionally (as all babies do) get a little tired one day, or fed up. We may have a few tears. But there won’t be the tantrums that may occur when he’s a little older.

travelling with my baby, Violet Glenton

What do you think about travelling with my baby Jasper? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Violet x

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  1. June 4, 2018 / 4:26 pm

    Yay for taking small babies to Canada haha! I don’t know why people are so quick to say ‘oh it’ll be awful’ but I felt exactly the same as you. And even though we’ve only done short flights and trips so far, it actually wasn’t bad at all. I think it’s so important so if you’re in a position to travel, why wouldn’t you?! – Amy 💘

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