3 Outfits I wore in an Early Autumn Italy Trip

September/October can be an odd time of year to go travelling. It’s not quite the end of summer but it’s also not quite cold enough to be reaching for your autumn knits. I’ve frequently gone away this time of year to the Mediterranean. It’s an extremely affordable time of year to go, and there’s usually less tourists. The weather can be a little iffy but on the most part I’ve been extremely lucky and ended up with bright summer sun each time. If you’ve read my latest posts, you’ll have seen I’ve just been to Lake Maggiore. If you’re wondering about travelling there, or wanting to make the most of holiday there then please go nosey at those posts before reading onwards. If you’re here for the fashion, I’ve got you girl! Read on.

Keepin’ It Casual : Joanie Clothing Floral Dress*

Italy, Violet Glenton

You always need this sort of outfit. One you can throw on, feel fabulous and comfortable and happy to explore the city. This dress is a really lightweight material meaning you can keep cool in the heat, it didn’t rub or stick to me like some materials do. It kept me feeling fresh and REfreshed during my trip. Oh and I can vouch for you on this, I rode around on a bike for a few hours in it. It’s definitely durable.

The ‘I’M GOING FOR IT’ look : Blazer: Navabi* | Culottes: Simply Be*

Italy, Violet Glenton

Sometimes we need to experiment and go a little ‘out there’ with our looks on holiday. It’s a time to feel amazing and our best. When I put this blazer on I turned to my girl Charl and said DAYUM let’s team it with a BRIGHT lip and go for it. I felt fabulous and very Italian. Which is definitely an exaggeration because I am the most British person ever.


The Print Dress with a twist: Simply Be*

Italy, Violet Glenton

The dress SO many people are raving over. It was a super light weight material perfect for transitioning from day to night. With the bright blue hues on the classic leopard print trend, I was ready to ride this here vespa I used as a prop. Why not.

That’s just a few of what I wore in Italy, which do you like most?

Violet x

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*Items included were gifted to me for purposes of review but the words and opinions are as always, my own.

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