Fazenda Liverpool: A Taste of Brazil

If I told you there was a way to visit Brazil without paying the international flight would you bite? Walking into Fazenda, Liverpool on Saturday night was like being welcomed into a warm, sunny climate. With its rich interiors, the delicious smells in the air and the relaxing music it was a well needed stop off point.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food
We were welcomed by Julia, who I will state now, made this an utter pleasure to review. Her enthusiasm for Brazil, and her knowledge of every cocktail and recipe is an utter treasure to the restaurant. She seated us on the bar stools in our own private cosy corner and explained we were going to try some of their new cocktails and their Fazenda Petiscos menu and she promised we wouldn’t leave “hungry, thirsty or unhappy”. Well, she was indeed correct.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food
We started with a Jambu Jardim. A mixture of apple, hints of violet, touches of lavender and of course the ever delightful Jambu Flower. For those who haven’t tried this, it’s a native flower of Brazil, which Julia referred to as the “toothache flower”, it opens up your senses if taken in the right dosage and allows you to really taste every flavour. If too much, it numbs your mouth completely. I can attest to the strength of this and did wince a bit as I chewed into it.. but it really did bring out the BEST flavour in my drink afterwards. We had this with some Pao De Queijo (cheese bread) and it was warming and delicious and everything you want from bread.
Secondly, we tried Bolinhos Pretos (Black Cod Fritters) so so delicious. Coloured with squid ink to give you that really rich effect. The whole meal was actually a delight to look at as well as to eat.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food
We tried another of their new cocktails, the Rainforest Spritz. For any Aperol lover, this is an absolute must. Slightly sweeter than its bitter cousin, it’s mixed with Gin from Argentina (Apostoles) and Guarana (a very sweet soft drink). Again, really good, easy to drink- I was a happy girl.
We then tried a Bauru Sandwich (chargrilled meat sandwich), Cassava Fritta (like chips but also not) and Frango Con Pimenta (chicken wings) – all delicious and delightful in their own way. The Fritta were particularly interesting as it reminded me much of the potato, but with a dryness of a parsnip. It’s served with a chipotle style sauce making it the perfect combination. The meat in the sandwich was cooked perfectly pink, it gave us a feel of what else in on offer in their restaurant. They also offer a full dining experience with meat served to your table using a card system to explain whether you’d like more or not. Julia explained why she loves the restaurant so much, told us about their ethos for good and delicious food. The experience they want to provide (which they certainly do) and got to know us personally.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food
We finished off with a sweet piece, Churros of course! Except with a small change, the churros had chocolate filling inside too. Perfect for any sweet tooth.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food
To give us a perfect end to the evening, Julia then gave us a short tour of the restaurant. We got to see just how big Fazendas is, how wonderful the atmosphere and we could see the ever extensive salad bar EVERYBODY is talking about. From Sweet Potato, to Brazilian beans, smoked salmon, peppers, you name it, it was there.
Fazenda, Violet Glenton, Food

I had such a lovely evening and I would not hesitate to return, I hear they have one in Leeds so I may just have to pop over! Thanks again to Julia for an absolutely wonderful night.

Fazenda, Violet Glenton

Violet x

 *I was invited for this meal in exchange for a written review but as always, all words and opinions are my very own.

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