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When it comes to my house, I like things pretty simple. Joeand I have always opted for lots of plain coloured paints and wooden flooring.This gives us maximum opportunity to change furnishings and surroundingsdependent on our mood without worrying about a ‘theme’. When it comes to wallart, we like personal pieces (we have a super funky sketch of our dog), marvelart deco art & relatively ‘expressionism’ inspired pieces. So where theheck do we shop for our pieces? Desenio kindly offered to work with me on agallery art installation to spruce up my living room. I had ideas, andit was time to put them to the test.

Desenio, Violet Glenton
Desenio, Violet Glenton

To make our perfect gallery wall I iknew I needed a mix ofexpressive, basic pieces and life like photographs, bonus point if I couldwangle in a sketch too. Desenio had all of these, and they made it super easyto choose. If you’re not that into putting your own pieces together, you can shopinspiration walls and literally add all to cart. It’s even easier to add suitableframes for the pictures as it comes up as recommended next to the ‘add to basket’.

Desenio, Violet Glenton

The first piece I found was this Indigo Blue paint splattering piece. I knew I wanted it immediately, and I wanted it BIG. I figured it could be paired perfectly would some sort of minimalist art number and got searching. What I really loved about the Desenio website is you’d find suggestions similar to pictures you liked on the lower lines of the web page, this made it easier to navigate and explore pieces you may not have considered. I settled on the Abstract Shapes No. 1 piece and felt I now had a structure to my ‘gallery’.

Desenio, Violet Glenton

Ever watched Gossip Girl? Well you can get the exact PRADA poster that the Van Der Woodsen’s have in their New York swanky apartment for I’m sure, a fraction of the cost. I’ve wanted this for ages, but literally couldn’t find a decent place to print it for me. Thank you, Desenio. 

Finally, I wanted to add some earthier tones to my wall, through sketches and forestry. Instead of something too busy, I opted for a Eucalyptus Branch Poster and a very basic outline of hands piece. 

Desenio, Violet Glenton

All in all, it’s a wonderful edition to my living room. It’s given me a little bit of a refresher in there and has me feeling more content again.

If you like any of the pieces in this post, then why not go have a nosey? The Desenio Christmas sales are on and now is the time (I’m about the head over to get some new pieces for our bedroom). You can even get 30% off when spending £60 (this does not include frames nor handpicked/collaborations posters).

Violet x

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