In an effort to make more friends in the blogging sphere, I’ve been meeting up with local bloggers for brunch monthly. I’ve met up with Hull Blogger’s a few times. I’d highly recommend this to… View Full Post

I challenge myself. I want to grow, develop, change, form into a better person. I challenge myself. I want to be kinder, more loving, generous than I was before. I challenge myself. I want to… View Full Post

It’s been a while since I’ve undertaken a fashion post, but HERE WE GO. As many of you will have celebrated Mother’s Day a few weeks ago I thought I’d share my Outfit of the… View Full Post

For anyone who knows me, they will know for me my heart is in Rome. I simply cannot get enough of this place. It’s true what they say ‘Roma non basta una vita’ … a… View Full Post

I mentioned I’d like to introduce more baby posts into my blog. So here’s another. Any mother will know (or they’ll learn quickly) that teething is a bitch. Yep I’m sorry for using that language… View Full Post